Flea Allergy Dermatitis

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Ways to find fleas...

Often times a fine toothed flea comb may be used to comb through the fur and isolate adult fleas, but a more sensitive method is to look for the evidence of flea infestation.  As fleas brouse and feed on the pet's blood they pass feces that look like tiny flakes of pepper. If you brush your pets fur on a hard surfaced table and then scrape the dust and dander that comes off into a pile it is very easy to detect the presence of fleas. If you take a wet paper towel and touch it to the collected dander, flea feces (mostly digested blood) will stain the paper towel a dull brown color.   Even if no fleas are found this is a very sensitive indicator of the hidden presence of fleas.

Stopping Flea Allergy Dermatitis...

We strongly recommend the application of Frontline Top Spot Flea & Tick Preventative once a month. This product kills fleas when they come in contact with the fur.  The flea never gets a chance to bite, hence no saliva is injected into the skin and no antigen-antibody reaction occurs setting off the vicious cycle of itch-scratch-infection.  If damage has already occured,  a steroid injection will generally stop the antigen-antibody reaction and antibiotics are given to stop the bacterial infection.

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