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DrDOS.JPG (9620 bytes)  I've been around dogs and cats so long that I fear sometimes I act like a dog! I once asked a girlfriend if she thought I ate like a dog (gulped food). Her reply, "You are a dog!" Oh well, it could be worse.

Before becoming a veterinarian, I was a video engineer at the ABC News Bureau in Washington, D.C. and a dairy farmer. An intense interest in dairy and beef cattle, dogs, cats, poultry and swine led me to my career in veterinary medicine.

After graduating from the Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983, I spent a year working in Parkersburg, West Virginia as a small animal veterinarian. In 1984, I purchased the "Woodside Veterinary Hospital" in Marietta, Ohio. I've enjoyed being the pets own "Dr Dan" ever since.

Marietta is a small, quiet town located at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers in S.E. Ohio. One of the most beautiful things about Marietta is that I never have to stop at a stoplight when I go to work. Low hassle, low crime, a real nice place to live.

After falling from a tree in 1984, I fractured my spine and became paralysed from the chest down. Since then, I've learned to adapt to life in a wheelchair quite well. It isn't really much of a hinderance at all.ANNATHINK.jpg (89959 bytes)

My current hobby is competitive shooting. I like trap shooting, bullseye target, silhouette, antique muzzleloaders and working to improve my skills.

I also enjoy working with wood. It's very relaxing. I make jewelry boxes, blanket chests, picture frames and just about anything else that strikes my fancy or need.

house.JPG (114525 bytes)My house was built in the 1930's. It was a dump when I bought it. After six months of remodeling, it's now a neat little house with cathedral ceilings, a real elevator and two acres of grass. Mowing grass on my tractor is fun. It's very mindless work and gives me time to unwind. Having been a farmer in Iowa and Maryland (dairy farming and swine production), I guess my lawn represents my "farm".

I'm a "home body" type. I like fixing things up and growing flowers. After being married and divorced twice, it's kind of refreshing just doing my own thing in my own little corner of the world. No one here to complain except the dogs if their dish is empty.


Animals of all kinds
Shooting Sports
Wolves & Birds of Prey


Iowa State University, Bachelor of Science with Distinction, 1979
Iowa State University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1983

Photo Album

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"Anna" My Assistance Dog

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Wolf Pictures I Like

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My "Hens"

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A Few of My Flowers

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Woodworking Projects

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Silly Pets

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