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A Brief Bit of History

Woodside Veterinary Hospital was built by Dr. James Stansbury in 1952. At that time, the practice was named the "Stansbury Animal Hospital". There was a large pig farm directly behind the hospital. Perhaps that is why our grass is so thick and green.  In those early days, Dr. Stansbury operated a mixed animal practice and cared for dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs and sheep. In 1964, Dr. Fred Wood purchased the practice and changed the name to "Woodside Veterinary Hospital".  Dr. Dan Wasmund bought the practice in 1984 and retained the name "Woodside".

We are proud that for the past thirty six years, "Woodside Veterinary Hospital" has been entirely devoted to the care of pet animals. By concentrating our equipment and expertise on that single purpose we are able to offer a more complete and high quality service for our friends, your pets.

Our Mission

We are a small facility and have no desire to be big. By limiting our size, we're able to relate to our clients and patients on a first-name, personal basis. We don't "cut corners" to provide the cheapest service around: Rather, we have built our reputation on high standards of quality. You can trust that the doctors and staff of "Woodside" will treat your pet just as if it were one of their very own.

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